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Terri Schiavo - Emmanuel Goldstein's Book [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Kleptocracy of Nimrod

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Terri Schiavo [Mar. 23rd, 2005|04:47 pm]
The Kleptocracy of Nimrod


[mood |Peeved]
[music |YMSB (12-31-01) & SCI (11-27-04)]

This whole Schiavo case is really pissing me off. For all intents and purposes she is dead. She has been in her current state for the last 15 years. 15 years! I can certainly understand her parents love for her, but its time to let go. She will not get any better, ever. Her parents claim that with therapy she could improve since her seems to respond to stimuli. People in her state do respond, but it doesn't mean they actually fell anything. The woman is brain dead and will never cover. Keeping her alive is only selfish. The parents claim Mr. Schiavo is acting selfishly by letting her die. Acting selfishly! If this was the second minute of her state, maybe you have a point, but this is the 15th year! If she hasn't gotten better yet, she never will. The parents are selfishly clinging on to a false hope and running up the bills. The case is based around "What Terri would want". Call me incredulous, but personally I find it hard to believe someone would want to be kept on a feeding tube for 15 years. People are also claiming right to life. Terri has a right to life, sure, but she also has a right to die. People seem to forget this little tidbit of info. And while I agree that starving someone to death isn't the way to go, even in state where they can't tell, its seems that the same people bringing up this point are those who say euthanasia is an evil. Well what is better removing a person's feeding tube and letting them strave or flooding their system with Morphine so they can painlessly fade off into the night? Please I'd like know.
Another problem of mine in this case is the fact the government is getting involved. In a move so blatantly obvious to everyone as a way to get even more support for the ultra-right, the republicans are trying to put forth federal (FEDERAL!) legislation to put Terri's tube back in. WHAT! The President even cut his Crawford trip short to sign it. Uh, Mr. President, you do realize that while Governor of Texas you signed into law a bill that allows doctors, in cases of futility, to remove patients from their support machines (which is, for the record, a law I support for reasons of common sense) and this law allowed a 6 month old child in a similar permanent vegetative state to be removed from support even without the consent of the child's parents? Do you also remember that you were the Governor of Texas, as in the capital punishment capital of America? Please, don't give me this hypocritical sanctity of life bullshit when you obviously don't mean it. I respect people that people that stick to their guns, but what is I can't stand pandering and hypocrisy. This brings me to my final point. Even though both sides, husband and parents, can be accused of acting selfishly, the most selfish are the politicians using this situations for political gain only. It disgusts that people can act so callously and shallow and this the reason I can't stand domestic politics.

[User Picture]From: thewanderingjew
2005-03-24 09:38 pm (UTC)


You forgot to mention that we are travelling to Florida on Saturday to strangle Mrs. Schiavo to death. Other than that, I think you got it all.

I stumbled upon your post in a state of extreme frustration, as I just finished reading a BBC update about the case. I haven't fully read any news about the case to date, but it keeps popping up so I finally did.

15 years--a good point. I heard that on NPR today and thought the same thing. Regardelss, the goddamn woman is dead in Nature's eyes, and that was the point I tried to make at the end of my post by saying she is "past due." I'm trying so hard not to spew foul language over this. I'm just at my wits end with humanity investing so much energy in distancing from biology.

The other day, I attended a seminar at RPI about the existence of God. A fairly intelligent professor stated with the utmost conviction that the human mind is the ultimate prize of evolution. He said it is impossible to concieve of anything else more magnificent and that some people are to apt to reduce it to a collection of lower order chemical operations. I'm one of those people. The more that modern events unfold, the more I hope that Earth gets creamed with a giant asteriod.

But wait. There are some qualifications to this dream scenario. The asteriod has to be of just the right size to completely wipe out humanity, not biological life itself. I'm not totally set on this condition, but it would be nice to know that bacteria and other more versatile life forms get to continue living. Chances are, they would anyway without my hope for thier survival.

Humanity, forever! I have to go stomp on squirrels now and pee in the Hudson! Come join me!
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[User Picture]From: potemkyn
2005-03-24 11:23 pm (UTC)

Re: Gurgle.

I'm just glad they finally axed that retard, More space for us. Lebensraum, forever!
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[User Picture]From: thewanderingjew
2005-03-25 01:46 am (UTC)

Der Juden

Leave the hilarious Third Reich joke to you, Ryan. That's what we pay you for.
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